By Eric Elliott

Pioneer Staff

For as many mistakes as newly minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made since entering office – most noticeably pushing an MP on the floor of the House of Commons – Mr. Trudeau needs to be commended for his actions last week. In a historical event, Trudeau became the first ever Prime Minister to join in a Pride Parade in the city of Toronto on July 3rd. Dressed in a casual pink button-up shirt and white pants, Trudeau marched the streets of the 36th annual parade with thousands of other supporters of the gay and lesbian community.

The joyous act also stopped for a moment of silence to remember the 49 people who lost their lives at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last month. Many of the supporters carried signs with the names of the people who lost their lives with a prominent sign reading, Orlando and we march for those who cant.

If you thought this act wasnt significant, you are seriously mistaken. Its hard to think that had Stephen Harper won the election he would have attended the parade as an act of solidarity like Trudeau did. In the nine years he held public office, not once did you see him marching in solidarity with the gay and lesbian community.

Since taking public office Trudeau has been the paragon of progressiveness, the voice of logic and now the face of equality. Hes taken in refugees, put an end to blanket bombings in the Middle East and stood hand-in-hand with our own citizens who are being discriminated against. He has established a precedent in this country of equality for decades to come. Whomever replaces Trudeau after his term will no doubt be pressured into joining in events like the Pride Parade.

It shouldnt be a big thing that a Prime Ministers walking a Pride parade, and from now on it wont, he said to reporters that day.

After all, its 2016.