Following the Columbia Valley Rockies’ playoff run last winter and most successful season in 15 years, the team has a new president. Businessman Brett Holt is taking the helm with intentions to “support the team and sustain the legacy that’s been created.”

Mr. Holt and his family have been coming to the Valley since he was 15 years old. Coincidentally, that was around the same time he started playing hockey himself.

When he and his wife Sheena made their second home in the Valley their primary residence, he decided to try oldtimers’ hockey.

“Before I knew it, we were billeting kids and I was doing the broadcasting from the booth,” Mr. Holt said. “There were points in time when we had a really full house.”

The Holts began volunteering with the Rockies in 2016. With their children grown, the Holts welcomed three billets full-time and would host up to five billets temporarily when there was a need.

“When I was growing up and playing sports there were volunteers and people who helped us succeed so we’ve always kind of given back,” he said.

While he and his billets often talked about hockey, Mr. Holt said he made sure to spend time discussing their college and career aspirations and encouraging them to invest in other areas of their lives as well.

During his career in telecommunications, Mr. Holt had a staff of 345 people across the country. Now that he is mostly retired and “almost fully settled” in Windermere, he is looking forward to sharing his leadership skills with the Rockies.

“I’m really big on finding out what people need and want and creating that environment and getting out of the way so that they can succeed,” he said. “If I do my job really, really, really well, nobody will know who I am and everyone who is doing all the hard work will succeed,” he said.

Mr. Holt sees the president’s role as one of facilitation, where he will bring in more structure and help build on existing strengths, like those of the bull-riding committee that he said “literally takes the bull by the horns” when organizing the summer rodeo.

Mr. Holt is recruiting volunteers and intends to “support the heck out of them so that the team succeeds and they succeed in what they want to get done.”

He is also looking for billet families and for fans to “come out and really enjoy the Rockies” when the 2018/ 2019 season starts. If you would like to help out, email [email protected].