Dear Editor:

The Brisco and District Recreation Commission is suffering the same fate as the Windermere Community Association. For some years now, volunteerism has dropped off so rapidly that virtually all Brisco and District community-based functions have been dropped due to lack of volunteers stepping up to help.

There is only a small dedicated group currently overseeing the Community Hall, Brisco Church, Galena Cemetery and the historic church. Since we committed to dropping events like the St. Patricks Day Tea and Bake Sale, Cribbage, Fathers Day Barbecue, Halloween, Christmas Play and Potluck, New Years Eve Frolic and other community functions, no one has stepped up as a volunteer to help and/or organize these events, or has even complained that these functions are no longer held. Hmmmm! Are we all so busy texting and using social media that we just think somebody else will do it?

To those few dedicated volunteer individuals who have stayed onboard throughout this decline, I thank you and salute you for your efforts on behalf of the Brisco and District Recreation Commission. Without you, we wouldnt able to maintain the Community Hall, churches and cemetery. The Brisco and District Recreation Commission meeting (AGM) was on Thursday, March 12th. We need volunteers to continue to our community efforts. Remember: Its not what you get out of a community, its what you put into the community.

Warner E. Einer