Dear Editor:

Greetings from Jasper Park, Alberta.

I have recently been thinking more and more about the Jumbo Glacier Resort development and a process that seems to still be in a state of inching forward with real resistance.

For those of you that oppose any development in the area, I say that you are depriving your region and community of a great future economic benefit while climate indication is telling us all that the best days of skiing in already established resorts at lower altitudes are past.

Study the past 30 years of climate data from the locations of Grouse Mountain, Whistler, Sun Peaks, Smithers, Big White, Silver Star, Whitewater, Mt Washington, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise/ Sunshine and Marmot Basin and you will know why Jumbo Glacier Resort could offer the best future for recreational skiing in Canada, U.S.A., Europe and possibly be the last resort able to offer it some years from now.

It is hard to believe that your region is not largely in favour of a development given all the process, review and requirements to date. Is it the specific development plan that people are opposed to or is it a resortd evelopment of any kind? I can not imagine a region as isolated from major metropolitan centers as the Kootenay region to not desire investment for a future resort that has every possible indicator for future success on its side.

Build it and they will come! And they will come from all over the world in large numbers if you exceed those mountain communities already established by being higher in elevation at base (and colder), unique in concept and design, extremely well thought out for both present and future needs and developed with a building unit limit and excellence on all levels. Do so and you should be able to please the majority while there may always be some that are still opposed.

Keep in mind folks it is getting warmer everywhere!

Brian Wolfgang Becker