Dear Editor:

Bullying, harassment, intimidation, theft; all things that we try and teach our children are not the proper way to behave in society.

Recently, a small group of people bullied, harassed and intimated our council into losing their appetite for the deer cull in spite of years of public consultation and input. Where were the members of the Invermere Deer Protection Organization (IDPO) when there was room for input?

Didnt they get the message or did they just not get their way and resorted to the lowlife tactics that are apparently well within their social standards?

I dont blame council and the mayor for backing off on the cull after the personal attacks directed at them on the streets and on social media: I applaud councils perseverance to the course under that kind of unsociable approach.

I think that if the shoe was on the other foot and members of the IDPOs houses were being staked out so they could be followed to work and they were verbally attacked in social media and on the street we would hear loud complaints about this unsocial and potentially illegal behaviour.

I do, however, feel a kinship with the IDPO as I too lose sleep worrying about the deer: I worry about the deer attacking and hurting people in the community. Apparently attacks are a reality as the recent district pamphlet advises on what to do if a deer attacks you.

It also encourages the public to stay 15-20 metres away from them. So now if there are deer in my yard I cant go in my yard, as it is only 15 metres across? I probably should add that I also lose sleep because of the little plants screaming when the deer rip them out of the ground and devour them, but that would be as absurd as some of the pain and suffering comments on the IDPO lawsuit.

It does seem wrong that the IDPO get to meet and present their views to council now the time for that came and went months ago and some of the members dont even live in Invermere: butt out and look in your own backyard!

I too want to move ahead from this angry moment in Invermere. I want to move ahead and recoup the money that you cost the citizens and taxpayers of this town due to your lawsuit and your illegal interference with the contractor and the traps. Yep, all of the money.

I am confident that you will now drop or maybe already have dropped the lawsuit as it met your goal of stopping the cull. Unfortunately that doesnt return the money wasted by the taxpayers of Invermere because you were either asleep at the helm during the consultation process or you didnt get your way.

I have to offer congratulations to the members of the IDPO: you have taken the citizens of Invermere hostage, robbed the district and its citizens of the results of a democratic process, and stolen something in excess of $50,000 by the time you factor in the cost for the democratic process, legal action and the cost of the contractor for the cull.

You have proven that bullying, harassment, intimidation and theft can win a war for the minority; it is still socially and morally wrong.

Steve Levitt