MOTHERS LOVELainey Wilson holds her son Theo. The valley mother is expecting her second child this Mothers Day. Photo by Kristian Rasmussen

By Kristian Rasmussen

Pioneer Staff

A David Thompson Secondary School teacher is set to receive the ultimate Mothers Day gift. Lainey Wilson is due to give birth to her second child on May 13th.

I think it is pretty neat with the possibility that it could happen on Mother’s Day, Lainey said. I am anxious and a little bit nervous because, yet again, life is about to change.

Lainey and her husband, builder Steve Wilson of Nipika Mountain Resort, have decided to raise their 22-month-old son, Theo, and their newest child in the valley where they grew up.

I am raising my children here for the exact same reasons that my parents chose, Lainey said. I really like small towns. With everybody knowing everybody, it is nice thinking that when Theo and the new one are older they will have other pairs of eyes watching over them.

Lainey’s love for the valley is something that she plans to pass down to her children in the same way it was passed down to her, she said.

My dad really took pride in our community, Lainey said. I think he was proud of what we could do for it, and what the community could do itself.

Lainey and her husband, Steve, met through Lainey’s mother, Jacque Frederickson. The Columbia Valley local said that the attraction to one another was built by the valley itself.

I think, with him being raised here too, we had the same values of family and making our lives here, she said. We both really cherish the same thing, being outside, being together, and having a strong family connection.

The outdoor lifestyle has been rewarding to the Wilsons, Lainey said. The family spends their time hiking and biking together on their acreage near Lake Lillian. The natural setting of the valley, viewed from Theo’s perspective, has opened a pair of eyes that Lainey hasn’t used in years, she said.

Every day there is a new experience that he comes across, Lainey said. You can see the learning and the recognition in their brain with something new. You learn with them and you learn through them.

The valley teacher said that shes been taught a newfound patience and calm through the perspective of her son, which will prepare her for the newest addition to the Wilson family.

I was quite the fast paced person before. I now take the time to stop and take a look at an ant, or pick a little snail off the ground to check it out. You learn to slow down.

Lainey has had multiple influences on her parenting style, which she describes as fun yet firm. Her mother, Jacque Frederickson, and mother-in-law Dianne Wilson have instilled many life lessons in her.

I am really lucky because I have two mother figures in the valley: my mother and mother in law, Lainey said. I can learn and adapt from their parenting styles as grandmothers with Theo.

Lainey learned to appreciate the trials that her parents went through when raising her, she said.

You kind of think back and go maybe that is why they were freaking out when you were little, Lainey said. You gain a new appreciation for what your parents did for you.