By Dan Walton

Pioneer Staff

Susan Clovechok

Susan Clovechok

Twenty-seven businesswomen were nominated for the 2014 Influential East Kootenay Women in Business Awards, and Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Susan Clovechok was one of three winners to be chosen.

The awards were presented at the Days Inn in Cranbrook on Friday, May 30th by Kootenay Business Magazine, and Mrs. Clovechok accepted hers with humility. I was kind of embarrassed to be one of the three winners, she said. There were 26 other women who were recognized by their community, of whom someone thought highly enough to nominate them.

Mrs. Clovechok is currently serving her fourth year as the Chambers executive director. Previously, she ran her own operation in the valley as a business consultant. I manage the operations for the chamber the way any business person would, she said. Its my responsibility to identify areas that may be a concern for members and bring it to their attention.

Before starting her first management position when she was in her mid-20s, her father lent her the most valuable advice of her career: be consistent. If youre going to be one way, stay that way. Integrity is the only thing youve got, she said. Professionally, Mrs. Clovechok seeks work that allows her to do what she loves. And out of that has come opportunity, she said. Her key to success comes from choosing important opportunities in her career, while ensuring balance in the other aspects of life.

And I have great mentors; I think thats the key, to find someone, or a number of people, who you trust and admire who can help you make the decision right for you.

Nobody is successful all on their own, she said.