Letter to the editor

This is a quote from someone who helped paint the second rainbow crossing in Invermere (May 18 edition of The Columbia Valley Pioneer): 

“To us, the rainbow crosswalks will always represent a town rallying behind the 2LGBTQiA+ community and making our streets feel a little more welcoming. And we’re excited to come back next year to renew the faded lines – and every year after that.” 

If the community must paint these rainbows to help a small group of the community feel welcomed and accepted, then why don’t we have an orange and red crosswalk for all the Indigenous peoples, the ones who are murdered and still missing? What about the children who were hidden and buried by residential schools? Our community has a large number of Indigenous peoples. 

What about a solid black one for all the Black Lives Matter? There is a very small percentage of African American in the community and they also should feel welcomed and accepted. 

Or maybe even a large red and white crosswalk for all our Alberta tourists and residents. We know they get a lot of hate. Why not make them one too? 

Or how about just making a big red one with hearts just to represent love for one another, which includes everyone? What we do to celebrate one minority group should be done for all. 

It’s when you focus on one that you ‘exclude’ others. 

Why not encourage all groups who want to paint a crosswalk in their way to do so? 

No hate or judging, but recognize and celebrate all, not just some. That’s what causes division. 

Sheyanne Bowditch, Invermere