Dear Editor:

I am writing to say that I enjoy reading your fine publication every Saturday night at the local Dairy Queen on 8th Ave. SW here in downtown Calgary.

As a first year journalism student currently attending S.A.I.T., I take particular interest in print media, especially those publications written in small towns like Invermere. One could argue that people in small towns are much less inclined to beat around the bush and much more inclined to take an honest and real approach to the world.

I also enjoy reading the faith column, as my own faith is aligned to said convictions on that page. As a believer in the living God, and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the passages written therein fill my spirit with joy and my heart with gladness, every time I read it.

Finally, the Cheers and Jeers section of your newspaper always gives me a laugh, with my favourite from last week being: Cheers to the security cameras at Summit Footwear & Apparel. Shoplifters and vandals smile.

Thank-you for The Columbia Valley Pioneer, I will continue to read it every Saturday night.

Carl BR Johnson