By Doug Clovechok,

MLA Columbia River-Revelstoke

The enemy of truth is blind acceptance. It has be- come clear to me that the B.C. NDP government want you to blindly accept their word that the province and my constituents are doing better than ever. Well folks, that is just not true!

The truth is that there is a significant affordability crisis in this province that is affecting all of us. My staff and I speak daily with people sharing stories of losing hope. Seniors, families, business owners, and single people are trying as hard as they can, but so many are struggling emotionally and financially.

The cost of housing in B.C. is the highest in Canada. Gas prices are through the roof, the cost of groceries continue to escalate, seniors and people on fixed incomes have never been in worse shape.

Housing supply is in crisis and there are simply not enough places to live. Renters can’t find a roof to put over their heads. Educated professionals are living in their vehicles.

On the health care front, wait times to see specialists have never been longer. One in five British Columbians do not have a family doctor. There aren’t enough treatment centres for mental health and addiction. My constituents still are not being allowed to go see Alberta doctors despite my efforts to get our health minister to do something about this.

Everywhere you look there are help wanted signs, with no workers to fill the jobs. Business owners are ex- hausted.

What happened to $10 a day childcare for everyone? Centres constantly tell me that there are just not enough childcare workers.

Crime is on the rise and people aren’t feeling safe.

The B.C. NDP are overspending by billions of dollars every year and delivering troubling results. It took 145 years for B.C. to accumulate $44 billion in debt. In just seven years the NDP has doubled that debt.

In 2017 and again in 2020, the NDP promised a better life for British Columbians.

They promised 114,000 new housing units would be built in 10 years. It’s been seven years and the NDP has built less than 20 per cent.

They promised an annual $400 renter’s rebate. Seven years later, renters have not yet received a dime.

They promised faster access to mental health services, when and where people need it. There are no new re- sources in our riding.

This all sounds horribly negative, but as a member of the opposition it is my duty to challenge the government on their policies and the shortcomings of their policies. It is my duty to advocate for the well-being of the people who hired me. Until you have the truth, blind acceptance of policy from a faltering government becomes the new reality.

There is hope for our amazing province, but it will take leadership with bold and most importantly, ac- countable vision and policies. Ask yourself this question: “Am I better off than I was seven years ago?” I know you deserve a better B.C.

I want to hear from you about any concerns you have about this or any other issue. I read every email I receive. Please reach out to me at [email protected] or call my office in Kimberley at (250) 432-2300 or Revelstoke at (250) 805-0323.