Letter to the editor

I address these thoughts to the ‘middle class’ hard working people who for the most part foot the bills, also known as taxes, assigned by the various levels of government. 

We have, either in the past or present, worked hard to purchase our homes, vehicles, and the necessities of life. We are referred to as the backbone of government funded programs. That title, though complimentary, is costing the middle class close to 50 per cent of our hard earned wages.

We pride ourselves for living in a democracy, even though when election time arrives, we often find ourselves voting for the least offensive party or individual for the lack of any true leadership. We try to navigate our way through the finger pointing of the various parties or individuals putting down their opponents and place faith in the often empty promises used to gain our votes.

Canada has a legal system; not to be misconstrued as a justice system.

Each day in any jurisdiction, we read or hear of offenders repeatedly being caught, processed and released due to our benevolent legal system. It would appear that the charge of “violating restrictions of release” is destined to become an automatic addition to most charges laid.

The Bail Reform Act sets out conditions of release for individuals charged with various offences. Changes to the Act are voted on by the House of Commons and the Senate. One would think these institutions who have an over- abundance of lawyers sitting in the House would be able to apply due diligence to the changes in our legal system.

Perhaps a change is in order to the saying, “those who can’t do teach.” In this case, to “those who can’t do preach.”

Allen Segstro, Radium Hot Springs