Dear Editor:

With the proliferation of fake news on the Internet and our mainstream media nearly a corporate monopoly, never in our history has it been easier to keep people stupid, confused and divided. It looks like democracy itself may just be a reality-TV hoax. The worlds greatest democracy needed just 27 percent of eligible voters to give you president Trump. Election victories today, worldwide, are scientifically engineered by marketing gurus.

Public-opinion is manufactured by withholding or slanting information. Easily done when just six profiteer corporations own 90 percent of U.S. media. Trump was right: The system is rigged, folks, and the media is biased. Thats how he got in.

Canadas media is even worse. Bell, Shaw, Rogers own almost all our TV news. And Postmedia owns many of Canadas daily newspapers. And theyre largely owned by U.S. hedge funds. Theoretically, these media giants could get together and make Canadians believe just about anything. Thats why its so important to save the CBC, and stop the gross political interference happening right now. Spineless Trudeau sits back and watches while the Harper-appointed CBC board of directors guts the CBC from inside. The CBC is owned by the Canadian people, not a political party. Hands off! To maintain any hope for democracy, Canadians must grow and maintain our independently news and information source, the CBC. Or well end up a fake democracy like the U.S. Maybe we already are.

Bryan Stawychny