Families first BC Liberals were quick to blow a billion dollars on smart meters, but when it comes to education, and smartening our kids, there is no money. Yet,annually,B.C. taxpayers dish out over a quarter-billion dollars subsidizing private schools whichChristy Clarks kid goes to. What was the panic for smart meters anyways? Was it just to get rid of nearly400 jobs? Who pockets those 400 paycheques now? Certainly not hydro ratepayers.

Federally, its more bizarre.Canada exports two-thirds of its oil to the States, while importing half of our oil from other countries.The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimatesCanada subsidizes oil and gas companies an incredible $34 billion each year. Indirectly, Canadian taxpayers will pay for the pipelines that take refinery jobs out of the country.

Norway, with comparable resources as Canada in per capita GDP, is now the second richest country in the world behind Qatar. Norway used oil profits to set up a fund for its people, assuring them pensions and healthcare, and all education is free for everyone, even foreign students.This fund, the largest sovereign fund in the world, is now over $850 billion. Albertas Heritage Fund, set up in 1976, is maybe $17 billion.Why is Canada such a dramatic contrast to Norway? The United States and the trade deal NAFTA, thats why.USAs oligarchsrun this country. These military-backed thugs have gutted dozens of resource-rich nations throughout the world. Now they exploit Canada. Our puppet politicians let them.

Bryan Stawychny