Dear Editor:

I am currently running for the position of councillor in the Canal Flats by-election on Saturday, March 30th. Last week, I was asked to participate in an All Candidates Forum on Thursday, March 28th, an invitation which I quickly accepted.

When running for a public office, I feel that voters deserve to have the candidates explain the policies on which they are running, and to answer questions about their platform.

This is how democracy is supposed to work; this is how voters decide on who they will support. When choosing to become a public servant we must listen to, and answer to, the people of the community we represent.

The All Candidates Forum was cancelled when my opponent declined to participate.

Before they cast their votes, the community will not get to see how we differ on issues, nor the solutions we offer. They will not get to see the candidates standing side by side to judge who will best represent their views and our village.

While time is short, I would ask that concerned citizens email me at with their questions and concerns. And please, on Saturday March 30th, take 15 minutes out of your day to vote.

Dean Midyette

Canal Flats