Dear Editor:

The article Provincial ministers visit Invermere, tour Jumbo (July 4th Pioneer) has left me very confused.

The three ministers came to Copper Point for a private BC Liberal breakfast fundraiser… afterMinister Oakes met with Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality council. Then they all went on a helicopter tour of the Jumbo Valley.

The Columbia River-Revelstoke Liberal riding association president Grant Costello (who is also the vice-president of Jumbo Glacier Resort Ltd.) said, It was a riding event, put on by the Columbia River-Revelstokeriding association and were BC Liberals; its a private party event.

Mr. Bennett, MLA for another Kootenay riding, said, It (the Jumbo tour) wasnt the main purpose for them to come out here… So that must mean the ministerscame here for the private party.What else, other than Liberal party business and a tour of Jumbo, was done?

Did they go into Invermere or Radium or Fairmont? Did they meet with other councils or First Nations or anyone else? No.

Hm, so now the really confusing part… who paid for the ministers transportation, expenses, wages and helicopter tour?We, the B.C. taxpayers, did!

So which was it?A private BC Liberal party event, a Jumbo Glacier Resort Ltd. event,or a B.C. ministers work trip?

Private or public?You cant have it both ways… can you?!?


Judy Burns

Toby Benches