Dear Editor:

Nowadays, we rarely bump into government politicians who arent feeling high principles, who make the depressing pretense of sincerity. As we look closer, it is clearly a resemblance that holds up only from the distance. As an outward show, they may agree to go along with the people, but they havent the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice. Artless deception seems to serve the ruling power-brokers better than honesty.

Unfortunately, many elected officials are politicians whose long exposure to the legislature has warped their respectability, and with whom few of us have any corresponding goals. They misuse gigantic sums, while people slowly lose the ownership of the few possessions left to them.

Moreover, we dont really know what other treats this government has in store for us. If truth be told, they almost never deal fairly with us, simply because they are who they have become. Half of their political brain aims to turn disillusioned citizens into nontoxic pilgrims, the other half is mainly occupied what cushy boardrooms they will inhabit after steering us full speed into the rocks.

If politicians have taught us anything, it is that we have no idea what theyre capable of. Like appointing still more overpaid paladins into the government.

Christy Clark, our yet-to-be-elected premier, tumbled from the lofty peaks of respectability to inelegance by covertly launching new taxes, disguised as levies. Since the beginning of October, a new wave of taxes (levies) has been enforced upon us. This levy, a tax that is charged in addition to many other taxes, may only be a few dollars here and there, but it sure looks like a lot sitting next to what is left of our money.

A government ruling against its people is dangerous. If nothing else, these people are cunningly creative in coining a new word for stealing. It gives one the impression that the lust to rule is infested in people who love wasting away our strength and energy, by ravaging of what is left to us.

H. Funke, Edgewater