Dear Editor:

I am writing to you regarding the Vancouver-based Taseko Mines proposed new prosperity gold and copper mine in the Cariboo region.

This mine has been approved by the B.C. government but has been continuously rejected by the federal government because it will be extremely damaging to the environment.

Within the last few days, even Prime Minister Stephen Harper has denounced this project saying that the project as

presently and previously conceived would not address the long-term destruction of the local water system.

Mr. Harper is certainly not known for being an environmentalist, yet even he says the project should not be approved. Our provincial government, however, keeps supporting it.

It is time the residents of B.C. wake up to the fact that the Christy Clark government is no different than the Gordon Campbell government. It does not consider protecting our environment as a matter of great importance and is willing to sell it out to whomever will give them money.

And speaking of money, it should be noted that since November 17th, 2008, Taseko has contributed $109,950 to the B.C. Liberal Party. This figure includes $6,000 paid directly to the provincial Energy Minister Bill Bennett, Member of Legislative Assembly for the riding of Kootenay East.

Bill Bennett has been acting more like a paid lobbyist for Taseko rather than a minister and Member of Legislative

Assembly responsible to the electorate.

Jim Galloway

Brisco, B.C.