Editors note: This letter was sent to the District of Invermere and copied to The Pioneer for publication.

Dear Mayor Taft and Councillors Denchuk, Atterbury, Hawes, and Anderson:

We would like to bring to your attention that we have found invasive gold fish and coy in Dorothy Lake. This is concerning to us because:

gold fish are a non-native, invasive species;

they compete with native fish and the blue-listed painted turtle for habitat and food;

they stir up the bottom of the lake and make the water turbid;

they could get into Lake Windermere and the Columbia River System, which is already experiencing pressure from invasive fish species.

We would like to request that the District of Invermere conduct community education on the effects of improper disposal of pets and invasive species on the environment. We would like to see the district host an annual goldfish-catching contest to remove some of the goldfish from Dorothy Lake.


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