WEB---CourtBy Steve Hubrecht

Pioneer Staff

Several valley residents had their legal cases put off for at least a month, during Invermere Provincial Court on Tuesday, November 12th.

An Invermere man Kris Weller charged with arson in relation to last winters Columbia Eagle condominium fire in Fairmont Hot Springs had his case adjourned and will make his next appearance in Invermere provincial court on Monday, December 9th.

The matter is the subject of much discussion; Id ask the matter to be adjourned until December 9th for election and arraignment, said Mr. Wellers lawyer, Buffy Blakley.

An arraignment is a formal reading of criminal charges with the defendant present in court,

following which the defendant enters a plea (usually pleading guilty or not guilty).

The former Columbia Eagle condos had been

standing roughly 50 per cent complete in Fairmont for several years until it was burned down to concrete

foundation and rebar in an intense fire in December 2012.

Valley resident Kellen Rider Virets cases were also adjourned until December 9th, to give Mr. Viret time to consult with legal counsel. Mr. Viret faces 10

charges both provincial and federal, including two charges of assaulting a peace officer, one charge of willfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer, one charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking and two charges of break and enter.

Another valley resident facing multiple charges Roderick Braden Archer had one charge (an assault charge) put off until January and had a warrant issued for the other six charges (including care or control of vehicle or vessel while impaired and driving without a licence).

Jeremiah William Maclean also had his case

deferred until December 9th, because new information has arisen in the case and Crown prosecutor Lynal Doerksen said the Crown will be proceeding on it. Mr. Maclean faces a charge of assault and four charges

relating to firearms.