Recent construction activity at the CastleRock has sparked local curiosity, and it turns out the work is simply the developers putting up a new sales centre and, a little while ago, a new spec home for Phase Three of the subdivision.


“The sales centre is going up right at the entrance to CasteRock, it’s going to be a centralized sales centre for CastleRock,” said Grizzly Ridge Properties Inc. President Mark Himmelspach. “It’s got tremendous views of the lake.”


The CastleRock subdivision is owned by CasteRock Estates Limited Partnership, which is a subsidiary of Grizzly Ridge Properties Inc.


The new sale centre is right where an older sales centre once stood, but is now completely refurbished.


The spec home for Phase Three was recently completed. A spec house is new home that is built to completion by a developer before there is a homebuyer, giving potential buyers a chance to see the home before they purchase.


The CastleRock development already has two phases completed and was in the process of working on the third phase when the global economic recession that began in 2008 and 2009 took hold and the previous owners declared bankruptcy. Development was then stalled for a number of years while CasteRock was in the possession of creditors, until the current owners acquired it in January 2014.