Dear Editor:

Cobblestone Creek Cottage and Lodging Co. and our Vacation Homeowners would like to seriously answer the challenge by Kanata Inn as we would like to donate the funds for 30, 15-pound turkeys.

We all feel very fortunate to be a part of the Columbia Valley community and caring for our neighbours is what this community is all about!

As this time of the year can be a difficult season for many families, our hope is that this small gift would be a blessing to those who might be struggling, especially over the Christmas and New Years season. If this simple gesture, along with the generosity of so many others who make the Columbia Valley Christmas Bureau a success, can bring hope to even one family, well, isnt that what this season is all about?

We would further challenge all the other accommodators in the valley, even the individual homeowners who own a vacation home in the valley, if they can, to donate even one turkey or sponsor a family. Together, we can all bring a smile and perhaps some hope to a struggling family, during the Christmas and New Years season.

Merry Christmas!

Matt Semmler

Cobblestone Creek