Dear Editor:

At the October board meeting of the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, a motion was passed to support the Multi-Use Facility proposed by the District of Invermere council. It is our belief that the Columbia Valley is in need of a facility for the performing arts, community groups, meetings, conferences and events that need to accommodate more than 200 people. The board believes that such a facility would benefit the economy of the Columbia Valley.

The Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors believes that a significant amount of work needs to be done to determine the buildings design, use, ongoing management strategy and future governance; however, we recognize that without the support of the concept by the District of Invermere residents on Saturday, November 2nd, that work cannot begin. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce board strongly encourages the citizens of Invermere to vote on November 2nd and to authorize the District of Invermere council to borrow on the credit of the

municipality a sum not exceeding $5.6 million in order to facilitate the construction of a new multi-purpose community centre.

Susan Clovechok

Executive Director,

Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce