Dear Editor:

We are officially residents of Alberta but spend six months of the year in the valley. With Christmas and winter upon us, we feel it appropriate that a portion of our charitable donations go to organizations in the valley.

When it comes to contributing we strive to not just donate but to donate well. This means that we do a bit of research.

One source of information is CanadaHelps. A search of its website ( reveals that 25 registered charities exist for Invermere. This is up from one a year ago.

On the positive side, this displays initiative by the charities to broaden their search for funds. On the downside, only one of the 25 has provided a mission statement, a description of its activities or even the name of contact who might provide information.

Only a small amount of effort is required to post the additional detail that those of us who are selective in our giving seek. Even a link to a website would be helpful. Such information might even generate more revenue.

Bill Thompson