to the person or persons that stole a homemade gazing ball from the front of my vacation home in Columere Park. My very dear friend made that for me so that I would have something to remember her by – she passed away in January. The globes that you took, keep them, they were just off of old solar lights that did not work anymore. The metal duck that was also taken was a gift that was made especially for my husband, it was a one of kind and has great sentimental value. I have pictures at home of both items, as they are both unique they would be very easy to identify and will post on Facebook when I return home. I am not sure when they were taken, I have not spent as much time tending to my landscaping and just noticed them missing July 19th. I would greatly appreciate getting both of these items returned, I am recovering from kidney cancer and do not need stress at this time! Please just put them back where you found them.