to the employers of the Windermere Valley. I am very discouraged with the businesses here. My husband and I have put in resumes throughout the valley and have not been hired. However, people who move here from out of province or overseas who have up to four jobs, are accommodated. My husband has been looking for a second job for the past four years and has not even been given a chance. As soon as they see he has a medical condition, they turn him down. Myself, I am on disability, not working, and make very little. My husband is working a part-time job at night and wants a job for the day. We have three children and often have a very hard time making it month to month. He has applied at many places, still no response. Now, because of this we need to look elsewhere and may have to move out of the valley that we love just to find work so that we can live. Sincerely, The Very Discouraged!