Unhappy Jeers to the woman in a van, or something like it, who was at the stop sign on 10th Ave. in front of the Alliance church, by Sobeys parking lot, on Friday morning, June 23rd, at about 11 a.m., and did not stop for me while I was driving up the hill with the right of way. Fortunately I was driving slowly and was able to break fast when I saw you coming as you swooped around in front of me nearly scraping my car. Everybody, please regard stop signs, red lights and yield signs and look for cars in all directions. In May I could have sent a Jeers to the truck driver who drove past the yield sign at the intersection by the bank on 7th Ave., and nearly hit me as I was driving down 13th Street and through the intersection with the right of way, and also, one time previously, when I nearly got hit by a driver in a truck who was going through the red light by Sobeys while talking on a cell phone.