Dear Editor:

On Saturday, September 10th we were towing our boat south on 10th Avenue, back to our yard in the Wilder subdivision. A truck behind us (didnt check the plates) honked wildly. Huh? We stopped and the fellow said check your trailer wheel (which had nearly fallen off). The wheel bearing had disintegrated. Quite the dilemma. Twenty foot boat on a trailer that is about to lose one of two wheels (not just a flat tire). We jacked it up, while wife Karen walked home and checked with neighbours who recommended Ivan from Kool Country Towing who came in about 15 minutes, helped us remove the wheel bearing, sent us to NAPA, then to Brad the mechanic next door. Brad stopped his project to help remove the old bearing and set up the new one to be inserted.

Had we continued driving, certainly the wheel would have fallen off going down the steep hill on 10th Avenue just south of 13th Street and a major wreck would have occurred. We grew up on farms in Alberta where people always helped people and the folks in Invermere continue that western tradition. Those of you who helped us the anonymous honking driver, Mike and Sandi, Ivan and Brad thank you so very much. You saved us from a serious wreck, and your help and kindness will not be forgotten. Thank you.

Perry and Karen Kotkas