Dear Editor:

As the staff of Windermere Valley Child Care, we would like to speak on our behalf and clear up any negative conceptions, rumours or assumptions that have been going on about the centre.

Last weeks write up (see April 17th Letter to the Editor, Childcare board acts in a disgraceful manner) was true; there have been changes in management, but this has not changed us or the relationships that we have with the children and their families. We still have the same passion and dedication to our jobs as ever and will continue to work hard to keep our reputation at the centre. Our love for the children and new ones to come will never stop no matter the situation.

Change tends to be an exciting and positive time; it can bring new adventures, goals, opportunities, and new energy. We are looking at the bright side, hoping this will strengthen us as a team and prepare us for what changes are to come.

As said, there is not anything that has changed in the centre besides the loss of our manager who we hope all the best for and will miss dearly.

Yours truly,

The Staff at W.V.C.C.S.