Dear Editor:

Last week, the Windermere Valley Childcare Society (WVCCS) Board of Directors terminated the manager of 30 years, Ms. Arlee Romane. The directors who chose to do this have permanently damaged the reputation of the WVCCS and have destroyed the trust and morale of the staff and parents. Even if dismissing her was the right choice, it could have been done with some class, dignity and respect. The board made the choice to act unethically, immorally and, Ill go as far to say, inhumanely. The board also chose to withhold all information from a fellow board member about the termination process, during secret meetings, which violates the BC Societies Act.

The decision to fire the manager will undoubtedly cost WVCCS many, many thousands of dollars. Any reasonable person in her position will recoup losses from the employer. WVCCS will be liable for a huge wrongful dismissal settlement and associated legal costs. This is a tremendous waste of money that could be spent enhancing our childrens experience. Why have they made a decision that wastes a massive amount of our childrens money?

Ms. Romane managed the centre successfully for 30 years. In that time, she touched the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands, of children and parents in this valley. The parents and staff loved her, but, most importantly, the children adored her. We should be celebrating the accomplishments of such wonderful contributors to our community, not firing them without cause. The values that every daycare should be embracing, such as love, compassion, kindness, empathy, communication and honesty, were not shown in this situation.What type of message has this board sent to our society and our children?

I encourage the paying membership of the WVCCS (the parents) to question whether this board was acting in the best interest of the society when they made this decision.We, the membership, do not have to support this type of behaviour that contradicts all the values that we stand for as a childcare facility.

The entire membership and the public is welcome to attend the next general meeting of the board to be held on Thursday, April 23th at 7 p.m. at the Windermere Valley Childcare Centre. Please attend to stand up for your rights against this board who have failed us and our children.

Christine and Mike DuBois