Dear Editor:

Imagine an airline that attracts customers by plying you with a bag of cash as soon as you board the airplane. The whole cabin is first class, the best of everything: lavish meals, premium cocktails, in-flight entertainment and much more, all at coach rates!

Everything is going swimmingly until about an hour into your flight when you hear the announcement,Thank you for choosing NDP airlines, we regret to inform you that we do not have enough fuel to get to our destination. Nobody really cares. The man next to you motions for another complimentary mimosa.

Twenty minutes later the flight attendant returns and announces, We will be crashing sooner than anticipated our coach fares and promotional cash incentives have left no money for regular service on the engines and the wings are falling off.

The last thing you hear before slam-down is Thank you for choosing NDP Airlines we will be back in four years. If you survive, please choose us again.

A strong economy is the only way we can maintain our engines, fill our fuel tanks and ensure our wings dont fall off. The provincial government can promote policies that make it easier to do business: this strengthens our economy and attracts new investors. It is the only model that will ensure we keep our families working with good wages and ensure money is available to train new workers. We deserve the best schools and health care in the world. We have to balance our demand for resources and recreation with respect for our environment. We need solid infrastructure and smooth delivery of government services and social programs. All of these priorities take public sector spending lots of it! Every single cent that is spent in the public sector must be earned first in the private sector. In contrast, according to Christy Clark The NDP plan would rob Peter to pay Paul, hoping that Paul will vote for the NDP. Fantastic! Unless youre Peter and when hes out of money they both starve anyways!

Many exaggerations and lies are being told to entice new flyers on the Big Orange Hindenburg. All of the sudden Adrian Dix claims to be a yes man, in favour of many new resource projects. But many NDP candidates stand firmly shoulder to shoulder with special interest groups that vow to stop oil from being transported, resorts from being built, liquefied natural gas from being extracted and mines from being mined with NDP help.

Jobs will be lost, new opportunities abandoned and hundreds of billions of dollars of economic contribution disappears. It almost seemed like the NDP Airlines would again rule the skies but the tides have shifted and folks realize we need investment for the future, not bags of cash now! BC Liberal Air is the only way to fly!

Their plan will make it easier for all of us to afford first class in safe and secure planes that will actually arrive at their destination!

Dave McGrath, Invermere