Dear Editor:

While we are all just getting ramped up for the holidays here in the valley, another Operation Christmas Child shoe box campaign has come to a close. All 293 boxes are off to the processing center to be sorted and readied for shipping to kids in situations and conditions we can only imagine.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and filled a shoe box with treasures for some young girl or boy. The joy that each one of the little treasure chests bring is hard for us to imagine. But it is even harder for each little recipient to comprehend what could motivate you to care enough to do such a thing for them.

Wouldnt it be incredible to be there when they open it up? God bless each one of you.

Thanks also to the businesses and churches who helped in distributing the boxes and assisting us in getting the word out. A special thanks to the Alliance Church for graciously allowing us to use their facility again for collection week.

While the collection process is over, if you thought you missed out there still an opportunity to pack a shoe box. You can still send one on-line through for another week or so.

Ron and Dianne Davidson

Operation Christmas Child