Dear Editor:

Regarding coverage of the deer killed on 2nd Avenue (Fort Point), we felt compelled to write in after having received several phone calls on the issue.

In addition to the unnamed landscaping company that employs the individual responsible for killing the doe, several other landscape/lawn maintenance companies were also working on 2nd Avenue on July 9th. Without publishing the name of the company or individual responsible, a net was cast over the reputation and practices of all landscaping companies that were working in the area on that day.

That being said, while our company (Hybrid Landscapes) continues work on 2nd Avenue, we would like to assure our clients and members of the community that we were not involved in this unfortunate incident in any way.

Please consider due diligence in future reporting when local businesses are involved. A quick walk of the street wouldve revealed other landscape companies at work and dictate the need for more precise reporting.


Doug McRobbie & Chris Gent

Hybrid Landscapes