Columbia Valley Pioneer staff

In the Oct. 19 edition the Pioneer incorrectly reported that Zero Carbon Step is Step 5 in the B.C. Energy Step Code and that local resident Meredith Hamstead was making the case for Invermere to early adopt BC. Energy Step Code 5. 

The Zero Carbon Code and B.C. Energy Step Codes are in fact separate codes that, in combination, are meant to ensure new homes in B.C. do not negatively contribute to the global climate crisis. 

The Zero Carbon Code is a three-step code related to operational carbon emissions of new homes. It will be in force in 2024, with lower levels of carbon emission required for new homes down to Zero Carbon in 2030.  

The B.C. Energy Step Code is related to the energy efficiency of new homes. Step 3 came into force this year, Step 4 in 2027, and Step 5 will be in force in 2032. Step Code requires that new homes be more air tight, better insulated, have better windows and doors, and have more efficient mechanical systems. Hamstead was in fact making the case for early adoption of the Zero Carbon Step in the Zero Carbon Code, or either of the two other lower carbon steps (moderate, strong).