Dear Editor:

Well, that’s it folks, the gig is up.

Our time in this relatively comfortable establishment seems, at this frantic pace, to be coming to an end. So here it is, my small pledge.

From this day forward, no politician, not at a municipal, provincial, or federal level will get a vote from me without climate change influencing every single policy move they make.

We’ve seen it in our news feeds, watched in our skies, noticed it in our lungs. Our world, my friends is on fire.   

I want inspired, Kennedy era, moon race talks from my people in office when it comes to figuring out fusion, clean energy power grids, and clean tech. 

I want subsidies for carbon in intensive industries to vanish right into this thick smoky air. I want big ideas and visionary infrastructure projects that are futuristic, brave and bold. I want something that goes past the next political cycle and a new brand of politician that has kids in kindergarten and who will make decent and rational decisions.

So from here on out, if carbon and climate change solutions aren’t at the top of your list, you politicians, as far as voting will be on the bottom of mine. 

Lawson Eberhard