Dear Editor:

Good news its been discovered there has been no global warming for 16 years. Also, hurricanes and tornados are at a new low. This is good news because now carbon dioxide can go back to being plant food. We Canadians can now be proud of our heavy oil resources. Also, there is no more apocalypse.

A warm summer night can now be a good thing and our kids wont have to worry about killing the planet anymore. The oceans arent going to flood and cause everything to go extinct. The carbon tax can go to lowering the deficit, and a Sunday drive will be a good thing. Windmills can be turned off and not kill bats anymore.

Now, David Suzukis lectures to our kids can be about biology instead of all the bad things people do. Instead of saving the planet, children can save each other on the monkey bars. Schools can focus less on recycling and more on bicycling. There can be fewer grants to study global warming and more going to fun things.

With no more global warming we can start thinking local and acting local by letting hockey moms keep the car running while waiting for practice to end. All the protesters from Nelson wont need to carpool anymore because they can each take their own car. Invermere council wont need to pay Wildsight to study greenhouse gas reduction anymore.

Whats not to like about this great discovery? We can all make more money and not feel bad about it. We can enjoy cheap gas and more room in our cars and also, no more Armageddon.

Monroe Hunsicker

Dry Gulch