Dear Editor:

No doubt youve scanned the headlines about the dialysis unit closing, and now not closing, at the Invermere & District Hospital.

One of my favourite headlines was a self-serving political gooder, Liberals Working Hard for Health Units.

When the story first broke we saw the typical deflect and distract maneuvers from our local Liberal, Doug Clovechock.

He noted the dialysis unit closure wasnt made by his pals holding government. Instead, he said, theyre made with the greatest of consideration by people the government employs to make decisions for them the Interior Health Authority. He also underlined the need for continued cuts in healthcare and the Liberals penchant for efficiencies.

Two weeks ago the direction of this story changed significantly; the Dialysis Unit is getting a reprieve from its impending doom. The problem is Clovechocks story is changing too.

He originally deflected the blame onto the IHA and tried to distract you from the issue by quoting some Liberal healthcare spending figures. Now he feels the closure wasnt such a good idea. Funny how that works, eh?

I think weve heard enough of this Clovechock upchuck.

Bram Rossman