Donors of the new Columbia Valley Centre were dazzled as they toured the new facility during the donor appreciation event on Saturday, July 22nd. The four tour leaders recalled many donors were excited about the new modern space and the events it will attract. The common first impression of the space was surprise surrounding the size, natural light and elegance of the building.

“I think it’s a wonderful building with so much potential and it’s so versatile and I think it’s going to bring so much more into the building. So, I can’t wait to see theatre events and see how they configure the rooms and musical events and events on the patio; like, it’s going to be really fun,” said donor Kelli Shoroshenko.

Ms. Shoroshenko said she’s looking forward to seeing an event in the new space and thought the library was amazing. Choosing to donate to the patio portion of the building because it seemed like a fun space.

“We wanted to give back because we love the people, we love the community, we love the feel of the whole place,” said Ms. Shoroshenko.

For donor Susan Powell, the spaces she’s most excited about after touring the facility are the library and main hall. Ms. Powell said the new building is excellent, definitely needed for the community and has been a long time coming.

“It will serve, obviously, generations now and future generations to come,” said Ms. Powell.

Throughout the tours of the facility the guides all agreed that aspects of the new centre that created the most buzz were stepping off the elevator onto the rooftop patio, viewing the main hall from the control room, the retractable lobby window doors, the mezzanine, and the theatre seats that are being dedicated to the veterans.

While donors were offered a sneak peek of the new facility, construction of the building is still ongoing. No official grand opening date has been released. The fundraising committee is still looking for prospective donors to donate towards the retractable seating in the main hall. To donate to the new centre visit