The Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce held its annual general meeting earlier this month, filling five vacancies on its board of directors, including that of president and vice president.

Peter Smith was elected as the new president and Andrea Tubbs as the new vice president.

“I would like to thank our past president Amanda Robinson, for her leadership and commitment to the chamber and to the tourism industry. I respect her for having maintained a balance between her interest in the tourism industry and the rest of the business community. She was always conscious of her role as president of an organization that supports the entire business community, not just the tourism sector,” said Smith in a press release following the Wednesday, March 9th AGM.

“I am encouraged that over the next two years the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce board will build upon the solid foundation of work that has already been accomplished. After all, helping the business community to be healthy and successful is at the core of what the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce is all about,” said Tubbs in the release.

Other Chamber board members include treasurer Mark Digney and secretary Laurie Klassen, as well as directors Dee Conklin, Jamie Hurschler, Berry Maybuck, Keith Mose, Rod Turnbull, Pascal Van Dijk and

Nicolaas Veen.