By Joanne McQuarrie

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“It’s great!” said Katrina Chapman about her new position as executive director at the Columbia Valley Food Bank (CVFB). 

Chapman started on January 30; she’s the first-ever executive director the CVFB has had. “It’s a really nice environment, well-organized,” she told the Pioneer. “People are good to work with, motivated. They’re passionate about the work they do, and committed to the work they do.”

Those qualities mirror Chapman’s own. “I actually have been working toward a position such as this since 2012,” she said. “Food systems development; it’s a way to address many challenges we have in society, with food as a focus.”

Chapman noted in a text that “with a diverse background in community development and organizational change, I look forward to supporting the food bank to align its optimal potential with the dynamic assets of the Columbia Valley”.

“Improving the well being of communities in the Columbia Valley by providing healthy food options to those in need is the cornerstone of our work. Work that is brought to fruition by an established operational mandate, to continually provide accessible solutions to diverse challenges we serve.” 

Chapman told the Pioneer, “There’ll be community outreach and engagement. There’ll be volunteer coordination and engagement and recruitment. And internal operations will be enhanced; for example, financially-related, coordinating volunteers, organizational coordination.” The CVFB is connected with other entities in the community and Chapman works with the CVFB board.

“It is my commitment to develop and enhance the legacy of goodwill that the CVFB was built upon,” Chapman continued in a text message. “As the organization continues to grow, evolve and improve its internal and external capacities, I look forward to future collaborations that will enhance our offerings and continue to improve lives.”