By Chadd Cawson
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Columbia Valley Métis Association (CVMA), a board of five volunteer members, is looking to add their first ever paid part-time Community Navigator to their team.

“There has been a real need for this position over the last year. Our funding models have changed, and we have more dollars now to be able to provide an employee,” says Columbia Valley Métis President Monica Fisher. “This also increases the number of resources we are able to provide to our citizens. We are a board of volunteers that all have other jobs, and up to this point we have been doing the best that we can with the time that we have.”

The CVMA has been around for six years and has upwards of 170 citizens that have their Métis of British Columbia citizenship and identification cards, which allots holders a specific set of resources. A Community Navigator working under their board will mean that CVMA will have more resources and more events for their citizens. They are still in the process of looking to fill this position. 

Requirements include a valid Criminal Record Check, Class 5 driver’s license and access to a reliable vehicle. Preference will be given to those with a valid Métis card; however, it is not considered mandatory. CVMA has already received some applications that they have started going through. Ideally, they would like to see someone in this role by Apr. 15.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with Indigenous perspective, and protocol, and can work with a multitude of different agencies within the community. “This position will require a vast skill level, as it is a position we have never really had before,” says Fisher. “It will be a build-as-we-go position.” Some aspects involved in this new Community Navigator position will include accounting, event planning, and some skills of a social work nature. The successful candidate will have to navigate difficult situations as well as problem solve with the appropriate resources available.

 “The role will involve working with citizens with unique needs that may require added help, and support within our greater community,” says CVMA President Fisher. The new-hire will be in charge of organizing and executing upcoming events, like the Caribou Tufting workshop. “We will also depend on this person for grant writing, reporting, and being involved in cultural activities,” she adds. 

For the right person this opportunity would be very appealing as it offers a wide variety of day-to-day experiences. “We are just growing so quickly that this new position will allow us to give better services,” says Fisher. “After reviewing the applications, we will be making our decision based on the best candidate, but we will continue to accept applications until the position is filled.”  Once the position has been filled, there will be a follow-up introducing the new Community Navigator with Columbia Valley Métis Association to our community.