Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Doug Clovechok stepped into a new role last week, becoming one of two BC Liberal opposition critics for tourism, arts and culture.

Mr. Clovechok was named to the position along with Parksville-Qualicum MLA Michelle Stilwell earlier this month and is already digging into the job.

“I’ve been in government and in opposition in less than a month, how many people can say that?” he told the Pioneer adding that “the object of any critic role is to hold the government to account.”

As part of his new job, he’s poured over the mandate letter given to NDP Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Lisa Beare by Premier John Horgan.

“It’s not so much what’s in the letter as what’s not in it,” said Mr. Clovechok. “There’s a lot in the letter about arts, and specifically a lot about the film industry. But that’s pretty specific to Vancouver and to major urban centres nearby. There’s not a lot on rural B.C., and there’s nothing on rural economic development through tourism, arts and culture. It’s just not there. Rural B.C. is not represented in that letter, and that’s a big concern for me.”

Mr. Clovechok said he’s not surprised that that’s the case since the NDP didn’t fare well in the B.C. interior during this year’s election, but added he’s still disappointed.

He also said that “there is nothing (in the letter) to do with Aboriginal tourism. It’s a huge opportunity and it’s being missed.”

In addition to his new role Mr. Clovechok vowed to continue to represent his Columbia River-Revelstoke constituents on issues important to the area, such as wildlife management, improvements on the Trans Canada highway, and the need for a new conservation officer in Revelstoke.