Dear Editor:

I find it amazing that the Columere Park board of directors do not seem to understand that they are completely out of line. They are a volunteer bunch of people in a community association. They are not the Government of Canada. Asking the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to collect their dues via property taxes is causing so much stress and upset that is unnecessary.

What they are doing is forcing people to cough up community dues because they pay thousands of dollars in insurance toward the CP motorized crossing to the private marina. In no way ought this be part of the money collected by Columbia Park Community Association.

It should be astrictly user-pay situation between the boat owners and the marina owners. Columere Park has plenty of money in its coffers to manage the beach and tennis court expenses. People with no use for the crossing ought not to be on the hook for this type of expense.

I am sure the RDEK has much more pressing items to deal with, like keeping schoolchildrenor the environment safe. It ought not to be expected to deal with this type of petty request by a very well-heeled organization that is simply using them tofurther the CPCAs power play. The simple solution, according to the RDEK, is for CPCA to just remove the request and let reason be restored.

Elisabeth Noel

Columere Park