The B.C. Green Party has not yet officially nominated a candidate for the Columbia River-Revelstoke riding, but the same Columbia Valley local that ran for the party here in the last provincial election has applied to be the Green candidate again for this election.

Samson Boyer ran in the 2017 B.C. election for the Green Party as an 18-year old, and if the Green Party picks him, he’ll run again.

“I’ve put an application forward (to become the Green candidate). So far, I don’t know of any other candidates, but we’ll see,” Boyer told the Pioneer on Wednesday, September 23rd, just two days after the snap election to be held on October 24th was announced.

Since running as a teen in the last election, Boyer has spent two years at Selkirk College in Castlegar, studying for a Law and Justice diploma. “It was fantastic,” Boyer said of his time at Selkirk, adding he became heavily involved in the student’s union there. This past spring he applied to the University of Prince Edward Island (U of P.E.I) and, after getting accepted, was set to move to the Maritimes before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic put paid to those plans and sent his U of P.E.I studies online, keeping him home with his family in Columere Park. He plans to continue on to law school after.

Boyer said his decision to apply for the Green Party nomination is “not a tough choice”, adding that “I’m constantly disappointed by the federal and provincial government not taking action on climate change.”

He said also put his name forward for consideration because “the youth and the next generation need a voice at the political table.” Boyer’s youthful enthusiasm came in handy from the Greens in 2017, when he garnered more than 1,700 votes in Columbia River-Revelstoke, almost double what previous Green candidates had managed in the riding.