By Breanne Massey

Pioneer Staff

A healthy dose of laughter can be the best medicine for any end-of-winter blues.

Yuk Yuks Matt Breslins Comedy On Tour show will be presenting opening act Matt Foster and featuring headlining stand-up comedian Sweet Derek at the Horsethief Creek Pub and Eatery at 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 19th.

Ive seen Derek perform before and hes awesome, said Mike Gray, owner at Horsethief Creek Pub. Both of them are touring it was an event that we thought would be fun to do, so were going to see how the response is and possibly do it all summer, but for now, were just doing the one show.

The special event aims to showcase dark insightful comedy, anecdotes, entertainment and self-deprecating humour.

In addition, the prime rib supper, which happens to be on special on the third Saturday of every month, will also be on the menu during the live show.

However, the goal is to boost the communitys spirit and gauge if theres enough interest to run regular comedy shows during the busy summer season.

We think its so fun to have events going on locally and to not have to travel so far for events that were trying to have regular events like live music (every Monday) and karaoke, plus bring in new stuff from time to time to have some bigger events that the locals have expressed interest in, said Mr. Gray, while noting the burlesque show held around Halloween was wildly popular and is expected to return to Radium Hot Springs on April 23rd.

But this is the first time weve had comedy, said Mr. Gray about the upcoming stand-up comedy night. Were just going to see what the response is and if people love it and are excited for it, then well do it every week all summer long.

Tickets to the comedy show will be $10 in advance or $12 at the door.