The Invermere Physicians and Midwives are aware of the concerns around flu-related illnesses in our community, particularly the Covid-19 virus.

Symptoms of Covid-19 include a fever (>38 degrees Celsius) cough or difficulty breathing.

It is contagious, but most cases will resolve on their own. If you have symptoms please stay at home. Do not go to work, school, public events or visit a nursing home.

If you have any of the symptoms and are unsure or concerned, please call:

• Your clinic:

o Chisel Peak Medical Clinic 250-341-6900

o Invermere Medical Clinic 250-342-9206

• Home Care Nursing 250-342-2337

• Invermere & District Hospital 250-342-9201

• Health Link BC by dialling 8-1-1

Please DO NOT VISIT THE HOSPITAL OR MEDICAL CLINICS unless you have a fever (>38 degrees Celsius), cough or difficulty breathing and have an exposure or travel history.

Unnecessary visits spread infection more widely, put non-infected community

members at risk of becoming ill and seldom change the management of the disease.

If you have travelled internationally and particularly to an affected area or have

direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 you should self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

Most cases of COVID-19 are related to travel. The BC CDC website (

has a daily updated list of countries and concerns. Another good resource is the

Government of Canada –



To protect yourself and prevent the spread, wash your hands frequently with

soap and water.

Thank you,

The Physicians and Midwives of Invermere