Dear Editor:

Windermere residents, listen up! This is a cry for help! Your community association will soon fold without new volunteers to take it over.

For the last few years, the WCA (Windermere Community Association) has been operated by only six or seven people who managed to successfully stage the two major events the Easter Egg Hunt and the Fall Fair but several other events did not happen or did not go well simply because there were not enough helpers leading up to the event itself.

Three of those Board members will not stand for re-election at the AGM in May.

This years Easter Egg Hunt is five weeks away, planning for the Fall Fair starts in April, and up to now there is nobody to help the co-ordinators.

If volunteers do not step forward,nothing will happen.

The WCA has a newly renovated Hall. It has money in the bank. What is doesnt have are people to volunteer their time to serve on the Board and to make events possible.

Please contact outgoing President Cory Stanbury at 250-341-5267 if you have a bit of time to help your community.


Anne Picton