Dear Editor:

If you are in from out of town this long weekend and you care about Windermere, you need to know this.

The Windermere Community Association has a bright new president, Jo-El Buerlen, who replaced a long-standing, highly successful person in this role.

Jo-El has landed squarely in a serious financial challenge facing the community association. In addition to ongoing difficulties in simply breaking even on various year-round family-oriented activities, the Windermere Hall recently suffered considerable damage due to a flooding situation.

The association has appealed to all agencies that might help but it desperately needs revenue from new memberships (only $20/family), or even better, from serious outright financial donations for which you will get a tax receipt.

Personally, we have stepped up to the plate, as have others, with donations that can make a difference. More is needed, and if you find yourself in a giving mood this weekend, PLEASE drop off what you can at

Windermere Family Foods at the 4-corners in Windermere where you will find blank membership forms.

You may never use the Windermere Hall, nor attend any of the events. Its not about that. Its about what you can do for others.

Please help!

Dan & Sue Osborne

Windermere Community Association