The Village of Radium Hot Springs will be holding a public safety meeting on Saturday, October 13 with a female RCMP officer as the guest speaker. The RCMP officer is familiar with both the Neighbourhood Watch and Community on Patrol community policing programs, and will be addressing problems specific to the Radium community. While the information session will focus on Radium-related problems, invitations to the event have been extended to other communities in the valley who may be interested to learn more about these community programs and steps Radium is taking to address any issues.

Restaurant expansion

Council unanimously approved a development permit to expand Helna’s Stube, the casual  European cuisine gourmet dining restaurant at 7547 Main Street West in Radium. Improvements to the building will include replacing the current mansard style flat roof with a peaked roof, adding an entrance foyer and office space, as well as enlarging the internal storage space upstairs. The exterior finish will also change, to an earth-tone CanExcel-style siding.

Council expressed excitement at the prospect of an improved facade and modernized look to the building, but imposed one requirement — that gables be included in the new roof’s design to break up the sightline.

No properties auctioned

Council accepted staff correspondence to the effect that there will not be a single tax sale for any properties within the Village of Radium Hot Springs this year on September 24. This is quite rare, commented VORHS chief administrative officer Mark Read, and credited chief financial officer Karen Sharp for her diligence in encouraging residents to pay the required amounts.

Campground bylaw

In response to a request by the Regional District of East Kootenay for comments, Radium council will support an RDEK campground bylaw that is intended to regulate the establishment, extension, design and servicing of campgrounds within the RDEK. The bylaw covers the entire RDEK, including zoned and unzoned areas, and over the last six to eight months, campground owners have been providing input.