Cheers and Jeers May 31st

Highs and lows in the Valley this week

Cheers to Greg DuBois, Summit Valley Contracting Ltd., and his amazing mobile chipper, which helped the community of CastleRock Estates reduce hazardous forest fuels as part of its ongoing FireSmart initiatives.

Cheers to the thousands of out-of-town folk who enjoyed the beautiful weather in our Valley over the long weekend and for respectfully visiting with us in the communities and neighbourhoods where we live. Great to see you recreating on our lakes, beaches, trails and golf courses. Please come back again soon.

Jeers to the irresponsible immature adults who float propane tanks on Columbia Lake and then shoot them (yes with a gun) just to watch them explode. The explosion can be heard and felt in Canal Flats not to mention the repercussions it has on the fish, wildlife and the environment. It will not be such a thrill when someone gets seriously injured or killed. Jeers to the people who actually sit around and watch and let this happen.

Cheers to Mac-Neil Mowing and Landscaping irrigation crews for keeping our lawn in tip top shape.

Cheers to Lorene Keitch, Editor, CV Pioneer, for her keen interest in learning more about FireSmart Canada and helping the community of CastleRock Estates raise awareness of the importance of communities working together to mitigate risks from wildland-urban wildfires.

Cheers to Britt for picking us up at the airport and looking after our house.

Cheers to Heather for keeping our teeth so clean.

Cheers to all the restaurants and businesses that are phasing out the use of plastic straws. It can seem like such a small thing, but the impact of the elimination of this plastic in our environment is going to be huge.

Jeers to the out-of-town teens who stayed in the rental accommodation within the Pineridge/Westridge neighbourhoods during the long weekend. Jeers to the parents who failed to supervise their kids while they loudly roamed throughout our usually quiet residential communities well after midnight. We have picked up the postal boxes that your kids pushed over and have recycled the cans and bottles they tossed into our yards. Trust that you all slept well although we could not.

Jeers to the condition of the Rotary ball park. There were multiple injuries from the state of the infield, the grass was not mowed and the one garbage can was filled to the top upon arriving.

Massive Jeers for not having anywhere for campers to dump sewage. This is a tourist town and there needs to be a spot to properly dispose of this waste or guess what, people will just dump it wherever in the bush! Isn’t that polluting? Would it be ok if I just dumped used oil in the bush? What’s the difference? I would also like to hear some feedback and comments from other people.

Jeers to the Columbia Valley Community Centre for not having the handrails installed outside. Over 1 year has passed since grad used the hall last year. Overall poor parking and sidewalk plan.

Cheers to the new housing on the Shuswap Band. Kudos to Chief Barb and Council.

Huge Cheers to the staff at Dr. Mark Moneo’s optometry clinic. On Friday, May 25th the frames of my glasses broke. We were visiting my son and his family in Radium at the time and I had no spares. The staff managed to fit my lenses into new frames at a very reasonable cost on the spot. This allowed me to see my granddaughter dance at her recital, spend time walking in the woods with my son, and generally enjoy the rest of our weekend. Very much appreciated!

Cheers to the Windermere District Historical Society and the Wilmer Community Club for co-hosting the showing of “Hacksaw” a movie partially filmed in Wilmer. The event was a success and enjoyed by all who attended!

Cheers to Sajeed, manager at the Husky in Radium. On my way back to Edmonton over the long weekend, I realized I left my wallet back in Cranbrook. I had no money, no way to get money, and a cranky toddler and anxious dog in tow. He let me e-transfer money to him, then personally produced enough cash for gas to get home and some food. I encourage everyone to be generous to the Radium Husky with your business!

Many Cheers to whomever is responsible for the traffic control at the four way stop in Radium on Friday of the May long weekend! Excellent work!

Jeers to the two 16 year old males with the rude attitude who attempted to steal our paddle boat off our dock Sunday of the long weekend. When we shouted to them to paddle it back in, they threatened not to if we called the police. How do kids end up so blatantly disrespectful, with no regard for other people’s property? They both ended up running away, my husband followed them in his car, and big cheers to the very busy RCMP for sticking with us and apprehending one of the boys!

Jeers to our town for wanting to ban/impose new fees and taxes for short term rentals. Hotels fully book in the summer! This opens up more opportunities for visitors from all over BC and Alberta to come experience the valley. As frustrating as it may be to have our little town turn into a mini city, our businesses would not survive without our tourism. And we are not in the place to turn down any more business.

Jeers to the person or persons in Twethewey subdivision in Windermere who leave their blue bags of dog poop in the middle of the roads(plural).

JEERS to the person who wrote … Go Home Alberta … in an outhouse along Highway 93. My passport says “ CANADIAN “ so in fact I am home.

Jeers to the excessive speeders continually jeopardizing the safety of others, their children and pets, crossing the CPR bridge onto the Fort Point. It is a well-marked 30km/hr pedestrian zone.

Cheers to Invermere Home Hardware for the use of the popcorn machine at the Wilmer Hall for the showing of “Hacksaw”. Cheers to Kootenay Coffee Works for donating ice to our event!!

Jeers to whomever took away the ash barrel at the Edgewater dump. Do they now expect us to dump the ashes in the dumpster? With such a dry climate this is a fire just waiting to happen. Please, for the safety of the valley, put it back.

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