Dear Editor:

Despite the conviction and passion of Mr. and Mrs. Nairn (see Complaint still stands letter to the editor in April 10th Pioneer), the suggestion that the District of Invermere (DOI)shut down a business, Fuze or any other, is factually incorrect.

In 2013,some concerns were raised by nearby businesses aboutthe permitting and zoning of theformer Fuze location. Uponfurtherresearch, it was determined that theproperty was actuallyzoned residential andpublic institution. The business was allowed tocontinue operatingthrough the 2014 seasonand DOI staff worked with the land owner to try to find a solution to ensure the business could continue in that location in 2015. Several tools and techniques were suggested/available, including re-zoning, applying for a temporary commercial permit, or exploring other options with council.No applications were received; neither the property owner or tenant requested a meeting with council.

We wish Fuze success in their new year-round location. This is a good news story with a happy ending, and the misinformed attacks on the DOI are not necessary or productive.

DOI council is interested in encouraging and supportingvibrant and successful businesses within Invermere, both existing and new. If there are concerns or areas for improvement, request a meeting with council and lets try to worktogetherin a positive way.

Gerry Taft, Mayor

District of Invermere